An Introduction to Hearing Aids

In this article, we take a brief look at some of the features and benefits that come with hearing aids.
It is hard to overstate how important a hearing aid is for those who need them. Not so long ago, hearing loss was a permanent problem that had to be endured for the rest of your life, today it is practically curable. [...]

The Link Between Dementia and Hearing Loss

Over recent years, several academic studies have drawn connections between hearing loss and the onset of dementia.
Hearing loss is one of the trials many people are forced to endure as they enter into old age. As opposed to people born with deafness or hearing deficiencies, people who lose their hearing in later life often fail to adapt their lifestyles accordingly. This can lead to a myriad of social and psychological problems. [...]

Sound Advice: The Benefits of Wearing 2 Hearing Aids

By balancing out the sound you hear, wearing two hearing aids instead of one can lead to a healthier and more enjoyable life.
The chance of having hearing loss to the same extent in both ears is rare. Usually, people experience hearing difficulties more in one ear than the other. It makes sense then, that these people should only want to wear one hearing aid, after all, it is only the one ear that needs the help, right? [...]

Foods that Help With Hearing Loss

How to maintain good hearing just by eating certain kinds of foods.
There are many excellent treatments available for hearing loss. However, most of them are reactive, things such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. The transformations these devices bring into people's lives are amazing but at the same time, maintaining your ear health organically should be the priority. [...]

Adjust to Your New Hearing Aid in 5 Simple Steps

Follow these simple steps to make your transition to hearing aids as smooth as possible.
It takes a while before you get used to the feel of your new hearing aids. This is especially true if you are new to wearing them. There is the physical feeling of having this device sitting in your ear, and there are the strange sensory changes you undergo as more sounds coming flooding into your ears than you have heard in years. [...]

8 Reasons to Treat Your Hearing Loss Now

Almost 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, and yet only 20% of them will get the problem treated.
Even more concerning is the fact that the average person waits seven years to get their hearing loss treated. [...]

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